One Interview,
Many Opportunities

Just Interview Me is a service matching talented, young professionals to companies hiring now! Get in-person interviews with multiple companies with one structured interview — conducted by a chatbot to give you a fair and unbiased interview experience.

I was able to write my answers with more ease, because I was more relaxed. And since it was more neutral, it gave me space to provide honest responses.

Knoel G.
Senior, QC Polytechnic University

A structured interview is more involved and more in depth, so I would expect a better evaluation as a candidate rather than just sending a resume.

Daniel B.
Recent Graduate, Ateneo de Manila University
  • be yourself

Resumes only show a tiny sliver of who you are. Behavioral interviews give everyone equal footing. Chatbots conduct structured interviews consistently and fairly. And you can take your time answering questions to best present yourself to prospective employers.

  • save time

Finding a job is time consuming. Why answer the same questions over and over? Just like the Common App, why not submit one interview that multiple companies can view and evaluate? We’ll do the rest and connect you with companies that match your preferences.

  • avoid bias

Our hiring process hides personal information that can lead to unconscious bias. Be confident knowing that you are evaluated based only on the quality of your responses and not by gender, race, age, or income.

How It Works

Take the interview

Enjoy the comfort of your home while taking an interview via chatbot. During the interview, you tell us what roles you’re interested in and where you want opportunities.

Get evaluated

We match you with companies that satisfy your criteria. Each company evaluates your interview responses before seeing your resume. Employers get a clear picture of who you and what you have to offer.

Meet in person

Highest rated candidates get a follow-up interview with specific companies. With a deeper picture of your talents, employers can easily build rapport with you.

Get notified

It's important to know what employers decide, even if you don't get an offer. Instead of waiting weeks wondering what's happening, get notified quickly about how you stack up.